A Pickpocket’s Tale

Molly is a pickpocket who lives in the streets of London in the year of 1730. Her life is fine until someone-meaning Hesper Crudge, her arch enemy – tells on her to the authorities and gets her stuck on a ship to America to be a slave. The only good part is that Hesper, Molly’s eternal enemy, also got caught. After the long journey, a man named Mr. Bell buys her. His family wants her to take baths and learn religion, but that is not what she wants to do!

A Pickpocket’s Tale is written by Karen Schwarach. This book is on a 5th+ grade reading level. This book is surprisingly funny, despite that it’s historical fiction. I liked it because she was so rebellious and stubborn, which is unexpected for a female character in the 1700’s.

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