Judy Bolton Mysteries

The Judy Bolton books by Margaret Sutton is a book series that was written from 1932-1967. It is the longest lasting juvenile series written by a single author. (So hey, they have to be pretty good, right?!)

In the books, Judy always finds some kind of mystery where ever she goes.  The books are pretty much exactly like Nancy Drew books, but I don’t think they are that good. One thing that’s different is that she ages from book to book. In the first book, she was 16. In the 31st book, she was married and in her 20’s.  I don’t like how the mysteries come out from nowhere, like when people she has never seen in her life kidnap her constantly. I’m not saying these books are terrible; I enjoyed reading them. They are just not as good as some other mystery books, like Nancy Drew.

These books are on a 4th-7th grade reading level.

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