Molly Moon

The Molly Moon series by Georgia Byng is about an orphan named Molly Moon. She has always felt like an ugly nobody because of the bully at the orphanage and the orphanage directer, who hate her. That all changes when she finds a book on hypnotism at the library. This hypnotism book launches her into all of her adventures, which include the powers of hypnotism, time traveling, freezing time, reading minds, and the subject of the latest book in the series, morphing.

I really enjoy these books because they have so many unexpected twists and turns. They also have a unique plot, so you never get bored. The books are a little long, but in a good way, like Harry Potter books. I definitely think these books would appeal to both boys and girls. I just reserved the newest one, Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery, from the library. These books are on a 4th-7th grade reading level and the website is here.

Buy these books here.


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