Summer Camp Secrets

The series Summer Camp Secrets by Katy Grant is about different girls going going to a summer camp. In one book called Pranked, a girl named Katy thinks she will be friendless, then ends up being friends with the two meanest girls. They prank one girl over and over, then Katy realized she had made a mistake. In another, Chris brings along a friend to camp that doesn’t get along with her old friends.

I think these books are ok. They sort of get boring in some parts, but are really good in others. I like how the author writes like different girls would write, like how some are shy and some are crazy. This book would only appeal to girls on a 5th-7th grade reading level.


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  1. Sarah told me about your website and I just had to check it out for myself. Great job! Wouldn’t it be cool to keep it going for years and years? I wish I had a running list of books I’ve loved over the past several decades! Keep it up:)

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