The Defense of Thaddeus A. Ledbetter

The Defense of Thaddeus A. Ledbetter by John Gosselink is about a boy in 7th grade named Thaddeus. He is in a really long detention because he disrupted the school schedule more than twice. All it is is him and the principal writing letters back and forth, and the letters are boring.

I would not recommend this book. I didn’t like it because there was no excitement, funniness, or anything on an even moderately interesting level. I read some reviews by adults of this on Amazon, and they seemed to think it was great. But I didn’t think so! Maybe it would be better for older kids. If you HAVE to try it, it is on a 5th-8th grade reading level. If you’ve read this book and have a different opinion, please leave a comment.

If you really want to, check out this book here.

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  1. Well, if you said it wasn’t good than I DON’T (for once) want to read it! You said at church that you were going to put out one you didn’t enjoy and You did!!! YEAH! 🙂

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