The End Series- Edge of Apocalypse

Edge of Apocalypse by Tim LaHayne is a book about Joshua Jordan, a top-notch spy- turned- weapon designer. The scene is a pre-apocalyptic world (based on scripture) being taken over with nuclear weapons. Josh’s latest project is a laser system called “Return To Sender,” or RTS. As the name implies, this technology shoots lasers at incoming nuclear weapons that turns them around to bomb the area they were sent from. When missiles are shot towards New York City, where Josh and his family live, their only hope is to use this new, untested system on the missiles.

Josh becomes an American hero because of his great work saving the city, but there is still a big problem: He wasn’t authorized by the government to use the untested lasers. As he becomes distracted by his huge court case, he is unaware of new enemies that will steal the plans for RTS at any cost.

Through this whole story, Josh’s wife is becoming involved with the church and encouraging Josh to look to God for help instead of always relying on himself. Will Josh take the opportunity to follow God, or will he reject it and choose his own ways?

This book is full of action and adventure. I have been really interested in apocalyptic novels lately, and this is a great one that follows what the Bible says on the subject. It also brings in issues the world are having already, like nuclear warfare, and relates them all to where they were predicted in the Bible. It does take a few chapters to really get into the book, so don’t give up in the beginning! I think it is interesting how the author brings an air of mystery to the book that makes me want to get the next book as soon as possible! This book took a lot more focus to understand than other novels- it wasn’t just a ‘snacking’ book, as my family likes to say. It took longer than normal to read, but I also feel like I gained knowledge from reading it, as opposed to many books that I drop and forget. This is a great book for people who want Christian influences in their reading, but have another storyline as well.

This book is great for older teens (it is actually aimed towards adults) who like action and adventure without the overdone romance. If you liked the Left Behind series, you would definitely like these books.

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Crude Language: None


Sexual Content: None


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