The Graveyard Book

  The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman is about a little boy whose family is killed by a man named Jack.  The little boy narrowly escapes and wanders into a nearby graveyard. Several ghosts that inhabit the graveyard decide to keep him as their own  They name him Bod (short for Nobody). This book is about Bod and all of his adventures in the graveyard, and his struggles with Jack and living in a ghostly world.

This book is really good (it even has a Newbery Award). It looks like it would be a scary book, but after the first scene it really isn’t. I liked this book because it keeps you interested and make you want to keep reading. There is lots of action, and I think that boys and girls alike will like The Graveyard Book. This book’s reading level is 5th-8th.

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