The Wadjet Eye

The Wadjet Eye by Jill Rubalcaba is about a boy named Damon living in the time of Cleopatra. His father is in Caesar’s army, and Damon hasn’t seen him for years. Damon’s mother is very sick, and eventually dies. No, I’m not giving it away-this happens at the beginning. Damon has to leave Alexandria, his home, and go to the battlefields of Spain to find his father and tell him the news. But he doesn’t even know if he will find his father alive.

This book wasn’t that good. I didn’t like it because the plot seemed kind of shallow. I think the author tried to make you feel Damon’s inner feelings, but it didn’t really work. Also, it seemed like everything happened too fast. The book didn’t really have anything to make it special, like humor. Whenever something intense happened, the writer was going so fast you have to read that section a couple times to even understand what happened. My class read this book in Language Arts because we have been studying this time period in History. We were hoping we would learn about that period a little more, but I honestly didn’t learn anything from it. My classmates weren’t big fans of this book, either. In addition, you might want to know there are a few curse words and some very vivid descriptions of him preparing his mother for burial-kinda gross. This book is written on a 6th grade level and is for boys and girls.

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