Nurse Matilda

Nurse Matilda by Christianna Brand is about the Brown family. The Browns are not an average family. They have lots of children (so many the book says “There were so many of them that I shan’t even tell you their names but leave you to sort them out as you go along”), and every one of them are naughty. Very naughty. They go through governesses and nurses and nannies like I go through ice cream! Eventually, every nanny and governess and nurse has heard about them, and won’t work for them. They all say ‘You need Nurse Matilda.’ Then Nurse Matilda comes. She is ugly, with a big nose and a sticking-out tooth. When she tells them to go to bed, they ignore her. Until she thumps the floor with her stick…

I love this book. It is definitely a must-read for anyone at any age. It is funny and original. I loved how the author wrote everything. She used style of writing that is different than any I have ever read. This book is great for people who like laughing (and who doesn’t?). I think boys and girls in 4th-7th grade will like this book the most.

P.S. If this sounds a lot like Nanny McPhee, you are correct because this is the book the movies are based on!

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