Room One: A Mystery or Two

  Room One: A Mystery or Two by Andrew Clements is about a boy named Ted. He lives in a small town and goes to a one-room schoolhouse. While delivering the newspaper one day, Ted goes by the abandoned Anderson house and sees a girl looking out the window. He keeps it a secret, and goes to the house to spy. The girl eventually catches him, and asked him to bring food for them, and to swear not to tell anyone. Before long, Ted gets himself into major trouble.

This book was ok. I like this author, but I don’t think this was one of his best books. (Check out another one I reviewed by him here.) I liked how the author made you feel like you were in Ted’s brain, and you knew all his thoughts. I also liked how it was sort of a mystery. It got a little boring in some parts, but it usually picked back up soon afterwards. This book is for girls and boys, and on a 4th-6th grade reading level.

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