The Anybodies Series

The Anybodies, The Nobodies, and The Somebodies by N. E. Bode are about a girl named Fern, who was switched at birth without her or her parents knowing until she was 11.  When her real father finds her, she discovers something amazing. He is an Anybody- a person who by nature or training can form objects into reality and who can transform themselves into other shapes. Fern discovers that she is a natural Anybody, and she goes on adventures using her amazing skills.

I really like these books- in fact, I’ve read the series twice! The books are so creative and whimsical! Also, there are many parts in the series where you think something is going to happen, then something completely unexpected happens. I definitely recommend this book series.  This series is for boys and girls, and is on a 5th-7th grade reading level.

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