The Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace is about a girl named Betsy who lives in the early 1900s. In the first book, Betsy is five years old. One day, a new family moves in across the street. The family has a daughter the same age as Betsy whose name is Tacy. She and Betsy become the best of friends and have many adventures together (such as building a house out of a refrigerator box).

I think these books are really sweet and wholesome. It is cool how in every book, Betsy is a year or two older than the last. I also like that every book is harder in terms of reading level, so a younger child can read the books about when Betsy is younger, while an older child can read them when Betsy is older. The books are based on the author’s life as she was growing up, which make them more realistic. The books span her life from five years old until she gets married. This series ranges in reading level starting from 3rd grade through 7th grade. I advise not to read the books where Betsy is in high school and older until about sixth grade, because Betsy gets a bit obsessed with boys and romance. Even with this, it is very G-rated content. 🙂

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