Drita, My Homegirl

Drita is a girl who is from Kosovo, which is located in southeastern Europe.  She moves to America to escape the war, but it’s hard to be happy when she can’t speak English.

Maxie is a kid who is very popular in school and thinks that all people who aren’t as popular are not worth talking to.  She only thinks about herself, and she always feels like every small thing that goes wrong in her life is a big deal.

When her teacher, Miss Salvato, decides that Maxie should do a social studies project on Kosovo, Maxie is NOT happy. That means she has to talk to Drita, which would ruin her reputation. But when she starts trying to communicate with Drita, she realizes that life can be a lot harder than her life is.

Drita, My Homegirl is written by Jenny Lombard. This book was an OK book. I liked how the author wrote one chapter from the perspective of Drita, then the next from the perspective of Maxie. I’d say this book is on a 3rd-4th grade reading level and is geared towards girls.

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