School of Fear

School of Fear by Gitty Daneshvari is about four kids with fears that are overpowering their lives. Madeline is deathly afraid of bugs and spiders. Lulu is afraid of small spaces. Garrison is afraid of water if there is anymore than a bathtub-full, and Theo is afraid that everyone is going to die. Their parents, all not knowing what to do next, find out about the School of Fear. As you can imagine, the kids are not even close to being thrilled about this, because it will take up their entire summer. When they get to the ‘campus’, they receive some teaching methods that might even be scarier than their own fears!

I really like this book. I have read it at least three times – it’s that good! It is probably one of my favorites. I think I like it so much because the entire plot is so seemingly random and unexpected, but it actually ties together well. The book also has a good amount of humor in it. It is cool how on every new chapter, there is the name of a phobia. I really like the cover illustration – it is just such an oddly-awesome style! There are also two other books in the School of Fear series, and they are pretty good. This book is for boys and girls and is on a 5th-7th grade reading level.

Buy School of Fear here.

Buy the 2nd book, Class is Not Dismissed, here.

Buy the 3rd book, The Final Exam, here.

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